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Guidelines (Cont.)

*Communications with Teachers
We believe that open and constant communication between parents and teachers is vital to your child's preschool success. We are very flexible and available to meet with you to discuss any questions or concerns you might have so please feel free to contact us any time the need arises.  We welcome your input.

*Birthdays/Holiday Parties:

        WE LOVE TO HAVE PARTIES!!! We celebrate all "traditional" holidays with parties.  There is no religious basis with any of these celebrations.  If you celebrate any special holiday or traditions that we don't please feel free to share it with us.  We celebrate all the children's birthdays with a crown and a surprise from the "Birthday Box."  We welcome any treats that can be brought for snack time or near the end of the day.  The children love sharing this with their friends.  Just notify us of the day you are bringing them in so we are prepared.


*Vacations and Holidays:

       We basically follow the Rescue Union School calendar.  If it is a day off for them, then it is a day off for us.  Here is a link for the Rescue Union School calendar: 


                                                   *Leaving or Changing Schools:
We ask for a minimum of 60 days notice when your child will no longer be attending our school.  We realize that circumstances occur where that is not always possible BUT it is much easier and less stressful to fill an open spot given ample notice.

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