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Class Descriptions


Class I & Class II

This class is geared towards threes and fours who are ready for group activities, can handle an extended circle time, and will be moving on to kingergarten or jr. kindergarten.  We suggest that they have been in some type of preschool program or organized activity before this class.  Three days of school can be a lot for many young children.  We want them to be able to really enjoy their school time and not feel overwhelmed.


Class III & Class IV


This class is geared towards two and young threes with little or no preschool experience.  Minimum age is two to start.

 **Being potty trained is recommended but not required.** (See guidelines page)


**NOTE: If your child will not be attending kindergarten or jr. kindergarten after two years with us, we would suggest that they stay in the two day program for two years and move onto the three day for the last year of preschool so they can "graduate" with their peers.

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